Thursday, February 18, 2010

From The Archives

I was digging through the 3/4" Video Tape archives up here at Hume. Actually, they're not really archives, it's just four very large forklift pallets of cardboard boxes plastic wrapped together.
Anyway, I was looking for some old footage from when we used to do Olympic Summer Games in '88, '92, and '96. While I was in there, I found this video of Summer Testimonies.
Look for Ron at about 5:45. It's pretty fantastic.
Oh, and don't miss the wrap up style footage set to the music of Brent Lamb!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oma and Opa, Jocey and Me

At the Long Beach Vision Dinner.

The Great Indoors

We browsed around a store called The Great Indoors yesterday.

I like the great outdoors better.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Orange County Mining Company - Hume Lake Vision 2010

Last night I had the privilege of being at the Hume Lake Vision Dinner in Orange County. The location was beautiful, quaint and rustic with a stunning view of Orange County that I didn't know existed. I managed to catch a glimpse of the sunset while we were setting up. And, then I also made a few panoramic images of the room where we were eating.

There were a large number of Hume Alumni, former Hume staff members who attended the dinner. Some of the program guys were down for a Youth Pastor's Summit earlier that afternoon. It was such a fun, energetic crowd.

I think I knew over half of the people there.
Dathan Brown was there. He was my counselor at Wagon Train years ago when I was just a little kid! Richie and Robbie Ferreira and Kevin Harold, and I were all in the same wagon together, Oklahoma, I think it was. Since we had come up as individuals without a church, Dathan, who was on SCS that summer was put in our wagon as our counselor. It was incredibly special to see him last night and to share that story, thanking him for being such a big influence in my life, so many years ago.
Also, in the room was Ron Rogalski, who produced the summer Hume musical At Any Cost which told the story of Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, and others who gave their lives in the jungles of Ecuador in the service of Christ. I decided to be a World Changer that week at camp, choosing to follow Christ wherever he would lead me.
It was amazing to have those two people there in particular, last night, but there were also so many other people there who have obeyed God, serving at Hume: Joel, Bobby, Mike, and Mike, Cliff, Jay... and so many others that I remember from past years.

I know it's cliche, but

mine was just one of many lives that was changed.