Friday, April 23, 2010


Napping after learning something new could help you commit it to memory - as long as you dream, scientists say.

The BBC Reports on dreams, read more Here.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Adventure in New York City!!

We had a 4 hour layover in Newark, New Jersey, and we decided to make a bonzai trip into New York City for some pizza.
Air-Tram from the Terminal to the Jersey Train Station,
Train from the Station in New Jersey to Penn Station at Madison Square Gardens
Then 45 minutes to spend in mid-town
We walked down to The Empire State Building,
then up Broadway to Times Square (I saw the Chrysler building down a side street.)
Then, back down 7th ave. to 32nd St. for some New York Pizza before jumping back on the train to get back just in time for our flight.

It was pretty incredible. Here is the 54 picture not-so-quick photo-tour of a three and a half-hour layover trip to New York City:

Watching The Day Go By

From the Veranda of The Seaways we watched the colored clouds carry the day away.
Thank you Karin for opening your home to us!
I'll always remember this place when I have Tea & Crumpets.

Industrial Sunset Over Bermuda

Bermuda Grass

Photos from the non-popular side of Bermuda

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Walking to see the other side of the city.

I spent my last night here in Bermuda walking around the city of Hamilton. I wanted to walk off the beaten path to see the other side of things. I wanted to find the pictures that would never make their way onto a postcard.
I saw the homes and car dealerships, the dirty streets, the schools, the hardware store, the late night grocery store with families on scooters picking up some last minute groceries for breakfast in the morning. I watched the sun set behind the twin smoke stacks of a power plant and the steel skeleton new construction. I almost got hit by a bicycle with no lights. I found the Bacardi House with its colored fountains and bat-wing emblem. I saw a run down school play ground with barbed wire fences. I found a Catholic Cathedral from a two or three centuries ago. I watched the night-shift workers paving asphalt on the busiest corner on Front Street.
Tonight is a warmer night than most of the others I've experienced on this trip. It's actually quite beautiful.
There's been a lot going on. It was good to get out and just give my self some alone time to think and sing and pray... and wander. My feet are a little tired. I'm not sure how far I walked, probably seven or eight miles. Hopefully I'll sleep well this night before another long flight.

I took lots of pictures. I'll post them soon.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Freezing In Bermuda

These are not the warm Bermuda beaches that we were expecting!

Bermuda - Pictures, day 2 & 3

Monday, April 12, 2010

Bermuda - Pictures, day 1

Downtown Hamilton, Bermuda. From the top deck of the Logos Hope.
View of Hamilton from the Bridge of the Logos Hope.
The small cabin that I am sharing aboard the ship.
We had afternoon tea and crumpets, a good taste of British culture. A wonderful women, Karin (not sure I spelled that right.) showed us around the island and helped us location scout. Then she invited us over to Seaways, her home on above the cliffs. It was beautiful.
The view out her living room window, towards the ocean and the veranda where we had tea.
Going for a hike? Yeah, beautiful.
My Face.
My Toes in the Sand.

In a Cave.
In a Cave.
Chris in a cave.
The Logos Hope, where I'm staying.
Lots and lots of scooters.
Mmm, Ginger Beer one of Bermuda's only exports.
Sunrise on the New York Skyline
New York Skyline