Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fabulous Shifty got Lifted

Not lactose intolerant?

I have thought that I was Lactose Intolerant since I came back from Africa in 2005. I drank plenty of milk while I was there, but then as soon as I came back I found that my stomach couldn't handle it. It took me a while to narrow it down to the milk. I even got tested for parasites. So, I've been using Lactaid since then, and it's worked fine.
While I was in Papua New Guinea, we had a boxed milk. It's Ultra-Pasteurized, no additive milk. All we had for breakfast one morning was cereal, so I tried it. It didn't bother me at all. I was really surprised and just figured that there must be something strange in American milk. When I got back to the United States, I read my Lactaid milk carton and found that it is also Ultra-pasteurized and free from additives. So, I decided to find some boxed milk and try it.

I found some organic milk and have drunk almost a half gallon already today. NO PROBLEMS at all!!

I'm excited. And, a little bitter at the American dairy industry for putting weird things in our milk that make it harder for people my age to digest.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Coming Soon. Fabulous.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Quote of the day

"Sea eagle predation is not a major cause of lamb mortality."
-A spokesman for Scottish Natural Heritage

Here's some exerpts from an article on the issue:

Conservationists are planning to bring the sea eagle, the UK's largest bird of prey, back to the skies above England.

The bird, known as "flying barn doors" because of its size, could be reintroduced into Norfolk next summer if the scheme gets the go-ahead.

It was driven out of England more than 200 years ago and had disappeared from the UK by 1918.

The plans come after the sea eagle, also known as the white-tailed eagle, was brought back to west Scotland in a project that began in 1975.

"They are also the missing piece in the jigsaw, the top predator which should be in a wetland ecosystem."

"A re-introduction must be done properly and with due regard to the people and wildlife nearby but, if it can be done, then the sight of eagles soaring over Norfolk would give a huge lift to people's spirits and to the local economy."

The reintroduction of the birds in Scotland has produced problems, including poisoning incidents and claims that the birds have been taking lambs.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My New Boss

From Today's Headlines:

Four Headlines that I found worth reading.
Every day I wonder about the world, our world, 
we think we know so well.
How long will it take 
before we're gone.

US global dominance 'set to wane'
American dominance is likely to weaken by 2025 as India and China grow stronger, a new US intelligence report says.
'US dominance over' - Says Russia's Medvedev
New players challenge order
Death of the dollar?


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back in the Humeland

A little dizzy, a little disoriented, and a headache.
But, I think that's the worst of it. I'm tired enough, and been getting pretty close to the proper time zone adjustment that I think I'll be able to drop right back into the schedule where I need to be.

We left Tokyo at 4pm today and arrived in LA at 8am today.

Today is Tuesday. I feel mostly like I went to sleep on Monday night and had a crazy dream that I flew to another country in another world, made new friends, shared food in a grass hut, saw peoples world changing, saw women who believed they were less valuable than a pig on the side of the road, flew in a tiny airplane, ran camp for the most awesome high school students, saw a life that I believed I would be living since my sophomore year in high school, wondered with wonder why I am not there still, walked the streets of the richest city in the world, from the Starbucks on "Saks 5th" Armani suits and Loui Vitton purses to five blocks later in little India, joking around with strangers from Pakistan, trying to find a pair of shoes at a busy "mall" at 2am...Years went by... I was dreaming, wasn't I... I went to sleep on Monday, had a crazy dream and woke up on Tuesday. Now I'm back, nothing's changed, nobody else sees anything different. It must have been a dream, and that quick I'm back in place.

Hmm, a larger piece of my world has been blown to pieces. A larger hole than I have seen before has opened up, letting in more light... I'll probably have to spend the next few months rearranging furniture.

Thanks for praying.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

A night in SIN

I just spent a night on the town, or actually, in the "town" of Singapore (SIN). We had a 12 hour layover, and instead of sleeping in our Hotel, we all dropped our stuff off, and headed out on the train and accross the city on foot. I think we walked at least five miles. It was increadible... from China Town, to Little India, down the river walk where I had great Indian food, my stomache is still a little warm from the hottest curry they had.

I led everybody with me to find the only 24 hour mall, asking strangers all along the way. I bought a new pair of shoes.

We're at the gate about to fly to Tokyo, then home to Fresno via LAX. It's been such a good trip!

More to come later...

Monday, November 10, 2008


Shortly after the flight from Tokyo... there's a reason they call it a "Redeye" flight.
After flying into the airport at Port Moresby, I had my first cup of real PNG Blue Mountain Coffee. It's good. Very good, but still maybe overly hyped by people that love coffee.
We've been at the Lapilo base, where the Numonoi Academy is for the last two days. Tomorrow we'll be flying into a tribe that just recently had the gospel presented to them. I think that will be incredible.

We are all staying in a dorm style house and have been eating meals, split up in groups at three different homes with different families each meal. It's really fun getting to know them and hang out with kids in their own context. We start camp on Thursday at a different location.

I found a new favourite animal. I wish I could take it home with me. It's a marsupial, related to the possum, but incredibly cute! It's called a Cuss Cuss in Australia and a Capul in tribes around here. It's so mellow and friendly. It's soft and cuddly, but has a tail like a possum's that it can hang by. It's feet have opposable thumbs. And, it's eyes are huge.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Keep up to date (and time)

Check out the current Time to the right here.

And, also, Team updates for our trip at


Narita International Airport, Tokyo, Japan

Just a few hours of layover here and then we'll be off on another long flight to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.... and then another flight to our final destination.

So far this is how I've been spending my time:

LA Times

A cup and a half of Tea

   (or half of Three Cups of Tea, it's a book. I've had four actual cups of tea in the last 24 hours)

Cribbage with Jen and Dave

The first half of Get Smart 

Sleeping through the last half of Get Smart

    (I slept through the last half, which I already saw without the first half two days ago.)

Walking to the bathroom (as often as possible, even when I didn't need to go)

Ate Chicken Curry and Rice at a restaurant in the airport. (oh how I've missed you!)

Walking back and forth in multiple international terminals.

   (at LAX I walked from Terminal 7 to 6, then under the runway to Terminal 5, out the door and around the corner to Tom Bradley International, and then back to 7 all just for fun. Here at Tokyo I just walked back and forth from one end to the other several times with Ryan White.)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fresno, Piccadilly Express

It's the first night of the trip. We fly out of Fresno Airport tomorrow morning early. So, we're camped out here at the Piccadilly Express for the night.

Fact: my carry-on weighs more than my checked luggage.

I've got to keep all the video essentials with me in case nothing else makes it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

Think Again

I love their use of media! Both, video and photographic, but beyond that, they made installation art, and wove it into the fabric of what their project was all about. It gets people to think, and then each piece of media is somehow connected to the public discussion.


Check out the continuing discussion: Is Google Making Us Stupid?

thanks Josh

Papua New Guinea – Itinerary

[PNG is 18 hours ahead of California Time. (Subtract 6 hours and add a day.)
All times listed are for that specific location.

Friday, November 7
• 6:55AM – Fresno to LAX – United 5538
• 8:10AM – Arrive Los Angeles (Terminal 8)
• 11:06AM – LAX to Tokyo – United 891 (Terminal 7)

Saturday, November 8
• 3:55PM – Arrive Tokyo
• 9:05PM – Tokyo to Port Moresby – Air Niugini (PX) 55

Sunday, November 9
• 4:30AM – Arrive Port Moresby
• 9:15AM – Port Moresby to Goroka – Air Niugini (PX) 960
• 10:25AM – Arrive Goroka

Monday, November 10 – Wednesday, November 12
• Lapilo (New Tribes Base) – Possible Bush Trip on Tuesday

Thursday, November 13
• Morning – Head to Interface Camp
• Afternoon – SEW (Spiritual Emphasis Weekend) Begins

Friday, November 14 – Saturday, November 15
• SEW – Interface Camp

Sunday, November 16
• SEW – Interface Camp
• Afternoon – Return to Lapilo

Monday, November 17
• 10:45AM – Goroka to Port Moresby – Air Niugini (PX) 961
• 11:55AM – Arrive in Port Moresby
• 3:00PM – Port Moresby to Singapore – Air Niugini (PX) 392
• 7:20PM – Arrive in Singapore – Terminal 1
• Night at Crowne Plaza – Terminal 3

Tuesday, November 18
• 7:20AM – Singapore to Tokyo – United 804 (Terminal 3)
• 8:35AM – (PK & Derek only) – Singapore to Taipei – Singapore Air 876 (Probably Terminal 3)
• 2:50PM – Arrive in Tokyo
• 4:10PM – Tokyo to LAX – United 890
• 8:41AM – Arrive in Los Angeles
• 11:22AM – LAX to Fresno – United 5584
• 12:34PM – Arrive in Fresno