Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Weekend in Sacramento

We went to Sacramento this weekend to visit Mary Beth K., Andy C., and Nina B..
It was a great weekend, with lots of walking.
Saturday started out with breakfast at The Tower Cafe with really rich french toast and a greek omolet for Joce and I, then we drove closer to downtown found free parking near O st. and 15th. Then walked to the capitol, saw a massive Quincenera, then down the capitol mall, over and through a real mall (shopping), through old town to the river, panned for gold and went to the bathroom (not in that order) at the museum, then down the river walk next to the water back to Tower Bridge, then we sat and watched fire fighters run in and out of the Wells Fargo Building while the alarms kept going off. (We thought of you, Rebecca.) Then, we walked all the way back past the the capitol, through the park and gardens, the war memorial, towards midtown, looking for a Chase bank. We finally found one on the far side of midtown, and then went back down to Old Soul and got good coffee and a fresh baguette. Then, we sat there for a while while we waited for the Second Saturday Art walk event to begin. All the vendors and displayers of art/junk/live bands/whatever were setting up, literally around us. I think our tall friend Andy helped hang a few pieces of art on the wall in the coffee shop for a silent auction.

After much more walking around and meeting up with some of MB's friends, Antique shops, Art galleries, a fantastic Local High School's photography exhibit, and some free lighters from a place the sells medical marijuana, then we went to Mikuni Sushi with Nina and friends.
After that Joce MB, Andy, and I went back to the shopping mall theater and watched the late showing of Iron Man 2.

We were sore from walking the next morning.

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