Saturday, January 30, 2010

220 MPH? I'm in.

"Travel between San Francisco and Los Angeles in no more than two hours, 40 minutes, a feat that requires sustained intervals at 220 mph."

Check out this article from Wired Magazine.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yay! The Electricity is Back On!

It's been over a week that I've been living without electricity at the cabin. It went out at the beginning of the big storm last week, came back on for about an hour a few days later, then went out again till this evening. Hume has a huge generator that powers the main buildings in camp, and all of the staff houses, but the Pearsey cabin is not on that power grid.
My usual routine when I come home for the evening has been to light an oil lamp, set it on the coffee table so that I can see the fire place, then I make a fire to heat the cabin. If I'm hungry, then I'll make some soup on the wood burning stove. I made quesadillas the first few days to use up all the cheese so that it wouldn't go bad without refrigeration. I stuck my milk outside in the snow when the power first went out. Then the big snow storm hit and dropped five feet of snow on top of my milk. It's still out there, buried. And, just a few minutes ago, part of the roof load slid down on top of the spot where it was buried. So, now there is like eight feet of snow on top of my milk. It's kind of funny.
I've spent most of the evenings reading by the fire, by lamp light till I feel tired enough to go fall asleep. I ran out of lamp oil last night and had to stop reading. I have more oil, but I had used it to fill a prop lantern for our summer theme promo video a few nights ago and forgot to bring it back home.
The it rained yesterday so the snow is all slushy in the roads, and the rest of it looks like it's just settled down from five feet to about four in most places. There are still twenty foot tall piles in places where the snow has been pushed to the side of the road, or shoveled out of somebody's front yard. Jocey and I shoveled out Sassy on Sunday. It took over two hours! And, we were both very sore the next morning. I was driving her around a little bit, but now the slush is too deep. I barely made it up the hill to Joce's trailer, so I've just parked her till it either freezes or melts completely. I would drive Shifty around, but I haven't had time to dig him out yet. He's all the way in back of the driveway, separated from where Sassy is by another twenty feet of snow six feet deep.
I don't mind walking. It's a new adventure every day, and I like that.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Sweetness Is Your Weakness

The latest greatest YouTube sensation.

Yeah, my friend made this.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Finally! A Good Winter Storm

We finally have a good winter storm up here at Hume. I think it has been several weeks since it snowed at all. And, now, this...
It's supposed to snow all week long. There have been winter storm watch warnings and Hazardous Weather Condition bulletins warning us to stock up food and water for at least a week's supply. Higher elevations above 6000 feet were to expect up to 10 feet of snow! We're down at 5200 and probably won't get much more than 4 feet. It rained most of this morning, but it's snowing hard right now.

I worked all weekend. We had a three night camp of close 1,000 campers that just went home an hour ago. I stayed up all night working on the 2010 Vision Dinner video while Ryan Grant edited the highlight video for the winter camp weekend. I slept a little bit this morning, had lunch in the dinning hall with Jocey and the hundreds of staff it takes to make a weekend like this work.
Now I'm back in my cabin, all cozy with a cup of tea, sitting next to a warm fire, watching the snow fall outside my window. The storm is strangely silent except for the occasional, but regularly occurring sound of snow plows.